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Monday, November 10, 2008

I've been thinking

I really haven't been thinking I've just been sad. So I've been drowning myself in boring make work for work (huh?) It's work I need to do eventually but I'm having at it like the deadline was yesterday. Just so I don't have to think. Damn I'm a sad case.

Ok on to more hopeful trifle. It snowed yesterday. The pups and my first snow since moving back to Michigan from Florida. And while I was filled with awe and wonder the dogs were all, WTF is THAT? And make it stop right now. I guess I'll have to break down and get coats and booties if they're going to walk with me. I can hear their dad again going 'For Gods sake no clothes'!!! But it's cold and they need the exercise.

Do you think dogs get depression? I do. When we lived in Florida I walked the dogs a couple times a day and when Bobo would see the leash he'd be all 'let'sgo let'sgo, youwanna go youwanna go'? I took about a three week break here and now he'll go but he really just wants to sleep. Maybe he needs a Zoloft. Nah he needs a walk. He's gained weight, but he looks bad ass with his studded Harley collar. Meja is wearing the Harley flame collar, she just looks dumb (don't tell). She really needs a diamond collar, she's a girly girl.

I'm digging my little bitty house. I moved from a 2500 sq ft house to a 650 sq ft one. I need to paint and make it cozy but I'm digging it.


Mom said...

I found you on my son's mentioned East Lansing and I live in Michigan, also. When I went back to you first post, I noticed it was Oct. 12th...a very sad day for me. My dad passed away on Oct. 12th 5 years ago..then..a year later we buried my mom on Oct. 12th. Losing her was devestating for me. I understand why you are feeling sad. I'm very sorry for your loss....

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Our Tucker (the vizsla) has very short fur, so we used to bundle him up in a coat and booties when he would go out in the snow. He hated the booties and always shook them off first thing, so we gave up on those, but he like the coat well enough.

pam said...

Hi Mom! Leave me your email address please and we'll talk. I'd be great to talk to someone here.