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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Grace bitch slaps me in the face

Ok so we live in a place that has about 50 acres out back. I rent a teeny little house but the pups and I have the run of the acreage. And we do. Well I don't run but you get the point. My neighbor has cut trails out and you can walk for what seems like ever. Maze like back and forth.

So the dogs and I were taking a walk yesterday afternoon and in my delusion decided to run a bit with them and try to hide in the maze. Yeah, long story short they're smarter than me. The bad thing is I'd put my iPhone in my bra so as to be ever ready to take that all important call, also to get a buzz from the vibrate if someone did indeed call ;)

Well no one called but I lost my phone!!! In the leaves somewhere in the maze of 50 acres!!! Tell me that doesn't deserve multiple exclamation points?

I searched and searched, called myself bad names, asked the dogs to find my phone, asked Jerry to find my phone, nuttin. I finally realized the futility of this search and came in and sent my beloved (not) AT&T an email asking how to get a new phone when the original purchaser (me!) was too cheap to buy the insurance.

Then in a burst of positive energy and life affirming good juju we went out to search again. And I found the mother fucking phone! Like a needle in a haystack of 50acres of piles of leaves I found the mother fucking phone!

I really do believe in Grace. That poem that I published before is something I say multiple times a day.

But... never in my wildest dreams did I think Grace would rise up and bitch slap me like this!!!

1 comment:

Miss said...

I like you because you said mother fucking. Welcome to the blogosphere. You and your potty mouth will fit in fine.