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Monday, November 17, 2008

Where have all the flowers gone

Long time passing... I'm in a melancholy mood. Trying to find my happy. Oh yeah I found it. It's in my brand spanking new breadmaker. How can you be sad when you have warm 18 grain bread??? Can't be. A warm piece of bread slathered with butter. Oh My Effing God I've gone straight to heaven.

In other news... I've decorated the whole house for Christmas already. Someone said to me yesterday 'aren't you supposed to wait until after Thanksgiving?' to which I replied 'Who says?'. I LOVE Christmas, I love the lights, the decorating, everything about it. After Jerry died, he sucks, I quit Christmas for a couple years but I'm back now! And the house is decorated folks, oh yes it is.

I remember years ago Jerry was next door at his momma's and he came back to our house, which I'd been very busy 'Christmasing-up' and he walked in in awe. He said 'this looks like a wonderland'. And I melted and died. He loved the picture I'd painted. And for years afterward he'd always complain that 'Pam REALLY decorates for Christmas' but in his heart he loved it!

As a matter of fact the last year when I was too sick to get the holiday stuff out, he got it out and decorated the ENTIRE house without me.

I love that mother-fucker!

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