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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm obviously not supposed to have electronics

My computer died. {bows head} I thought it had a virus because wierd things were happening. Web pages were copying themselves and asking for my ssn and credit card (true story). So I tried to find the worm and BING BANG BOOM no memory, no nuttin = dead.

Thankfully I've got a spare laptop from work but I have to copy pictures from storage cards and 'the camera what went swimmin.' before I can regale you with Bobo and Meja stories. And I had just copied all those photos to the dead computer and was going to delete them. Thank God I didn't.

Moral of the story - Don't give Pam electronics...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who dat? The reveal...

We looked out front, we looked out back and what to our wondering eyes did appear? It wasn't no miniature sleigh I'll tell you that, it was these monsters...

And while, yes, I am a manly man I was scared to death of these monsters! But so was Meja. We thought we'd go look around and see why they were making such a racket but then we ran straightaway back to mommy.
Mommy explained that these ferocious monsters would be around fer a couple days. They are digging a basement and puttin some kind of drainage stickies in our pond.
We would like them to go away now. We'd like to get back to our peaceful existence here in the country.
If anyone knows how to kill a monster beasty thang please write Bobo in Michigan tout d suite. thank you -- Bobo

ps. we got an award!!! and we've got a new one from the Purple Hatter to give out. stay tuned tomorrow...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vacation and oopsies

Mommy dropped the camera in the lake! How will the people admire our beauty mommy? (mommy note: the iPhone pics as soon as I find the cord)

We went to the islands (not really, we went to the lake but there was an island there!!! ha-ha I crack me up - Bobo)

We had to be tied up when there were other doggies around and we are not fans of the tie up! We're not really fans of the lake either but we had a hooge observation deck (Mango you'll be so jealous! and no stairs - ha-ha-ha)

We are glad to be back to our house. Guess what we found in our yard when we returned? Go ahead guess...

Guinea fowl!!! Mommy thought they was turkeys but the neighbors set her straight. It seems our other neighbors kept these things but they got in fights with the other birds and they just let them loose!! Can you imagine? So now they just run around everyones yard being really loud and peckin puppies. We know two puppies they'd better not peck!

Mommy will take a picture of the trap the neighbor has built to catch these beasties. It'll make you laugh out loud.

We have to go sleep now. We have a weeks worth of nappies to catch up on.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Froompy Friday

We aren't sure what Froompy Friday is, possibly a mish mash as that's what the inside of mommy's head looks like lately.

This is a picture of Meja actively watching Animal Planet.
I know you're not supposed to use TV as a babysitter but what was good enough for the two legged kids is good enough for these guys!
(from the Pam Sweet parenting manual - you're welcome)

And here we have Meja on the computer
(NO she is not allowed to have a MySpace page)

Beyond the horizon of this picture is a pond that the pups are not allowed to go to unattended. I caught them and called out to them to stop just as they were about to hightail it across this grass to the unforbiden.
Devil Dogs!!!

My what big nosies you have...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Doga Sunday

It rained here all day yesterday, pictures of the stuffie wars coming soon, rained hard this morning and now is 95 with almost 100% humidity.

Ugg - the pups like the heat but even they're like 'meh, naw I don't need to go outside.'

So herewith I bring you Doga Sunday...

This is a fave - Doggie with nose hangin, leggies tucked

A more difficult pose - U put yer right foot in U put yer right foot in and U cross em all about

A more advanced pose - sleepy doggie with left front/right back footie crossed
A very advanced pose - sleepy doggie with all feeties jumbled about

The most advanced - please do not try this at home!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quickie to promote a contest

Mir over at is having a contest to win a Acer Aspire Timeline AS3810T-6415 laptop. Go check it out.

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Quickie aside 8/9/09: If I win this I'll be giving it away here. I have three laptops and have no desire to learn another.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

We Got An Award... and we missed our 100th post

So our good friend Daisy the beautiful Pit Bull who is recovering from snerg ah surgn ah gettin her leggie cutted on tagged us with an award! We've only gotted two rewards before so we are very excited.
Lets start with the award! Here it is:

Your blog is a dream!

Well the rules of this award are as follows:

Give seven beauty secrets and pass it along to seven bloggers!

1.) Embrace yer wrinkles!

2.) Always sleep touching yer sibling. (this somehow gives you lots of energy to play bitey face when you wake up)
3) Have cosmetic surgery if it'll make you feel better (the up side is you get lots n lots of cuddles from yer Aunt and Uncle (it makes THEM feel better)

4.) Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize
5.) Practice yer Doga

6.) Hang out with people as good looking as you (ugly rubs off dood)

7.) Eat good foodies

And finally the most important beauty secret I, Meja, have is this:

Never under any circumstances let yer brother post pictures of yer butt!

And now a word from our sponsor, we mean Mommy:

Our last post was our 100th! How in the world? I missed it but think we'll have a contest or somethin. Stay tuned... -- pam

ps: we didn't pass this on cause in looking back at who's received this, everyone we know already has. if we missed someone go ahead and tell us yer beauty secrets.