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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Rap Names

Meja M Velvet a.k.a. Sweet Kiss
(This describes Meja to a tee. You don't put your last name in but she is indeed a Sweet Kiss and smoove like velvet!)

MC Bobo B Cash
(Bobo should b made of cash (as much as I've spent on vet bills with the myriad stitches, owies, booboos))

PP Nugget
(I would like you all to address me as PP Nugget from now on, thank you)

Ok so GO to this site and tell us what your Rap Name is:

Lots o stuff comin but frivolity was all I could muster for now.  love.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thwonked Thursday

I'm slowly getting my bearings. This last hoppy tall visit took it out of me man. But being home is THE BEST even if it's mostly in the bed (mah baybees are up here with me so what's not to love? and they think they've died and gone to 'in the bed with mommy' heaven!)

Here's something to make you laugh...

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hey Everyone, guess where I am?  Go ahead, guess?  HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!

It is so good to be home and just in time for Father's Day.  And since I'm both mother and father to these pups... Where's My Presents???????

As the darling ones would say ...


Friday, June 18, 2010

hoppy tall

Mommy's in the hoppy tall still.  And bruvver hasn't brought her computer so she's on the iPhoney so the posting is sparse. Thanks fer all the good wishes for her though she appreciates it SO MUCH!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


We pause in this riveting story of 'Why We Hate The Outside Beds' for a message from mommy:

I had to make an exciting trip to the emergency room this weekend.  Blood count dropped too low, passed out, alone with pups, 911 called, dogs freaked..... Yikes!!!

But I've got new blood now and will probably go home tomorrow.

In other news, Bobo has lost his mind too!

My son called me this morning, he's looking after the pups during this brief intermission, and told me Bobo was drinking out of the raised bed, new bed that's out on the deck!  It seems we had rain last night and while Selby brought the fluffy bed in he left the raised one outside.  It was full of rain, so much for the wefting allowing moisture to wick through!, so Bobo drank from it!

I may contact the company and offer to write new copy for them.
"This bed sucks as a bed but it's GREAT as a water bowl!"

See you soonest...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beds are here... Beds are here...

This whole reviewing of the beds could be a most colossal bust.  The beds came yesterday and I put them on the deck.  As the deck is quite small and the beds are quite big, the pups have been scootering around the beds trying to find a place to lay.  ON.THE.DECK.

It seems as though two rather large, spoiled Shar Pei puppies want me to bring the couches outside for their resting pleasure. 

I got Bobo a raised bed (the Coolaroo one I wanted was discontinued, boo) and he may be too heavy for it. I hoisted (is hoist the past tense of hoist???) him on it and it sort of bowed in the middle. Yikes!

I got Meja a big juicy plush bed and she's scared of it!  Yikes X 2!

It's only the first day so I'll let you know if we have better luck or they get sent back for something else.

Pictures of 'The Avoi'dance'' to follow.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Beds coming and not a moment too soon...

We just got notice that our new beds, that we will review, have shipped!  And not a moment too soon, as you can see from these pictures.

See that little eeensy teensy little bitty carpet square under Meja's rather voluminous bottom?
That right there is ALL we have to lie on outside!!!  I know!!!

We each have one but still!  On the ground???

I included this so you could see the further cruelty and humiliation we face.
See that jury rigged gate/chair combo thingy mommy put up? That is to keep us from leaving the deck!
Wha the wha???  I know!!!

Just cause we took off the other day to 'the back forty' and mommy had to come after us and she was crying and scared is no reason for these jail like conditions here at Casa de Sweet.

In other news.....

Meja has lost her mind.

From the mommy:  She has taken to trying to bury her food dish. I heard this racket the other day in the kitchen and came in to find her with the rug all bunched up on top of the dish with 'black puppy' on top of the whole mess.  I didn't get a picture because I had to change my pants because I peed myself from laughing!

This is now her 'thing.' I don't know if she's hoarding because Bobo's eating too much or what.
Is there a 'Doggy Hoarder's show?

Oh woe!  My life is soooooooo