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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Our next door neighbor dog Misty, who mommy called 'Ms. Barks a lot' went to heaven. Our mommy has been crying and we don't like that. Here's a picture of Misty, she was a beautiful Collie mix. Misty liked to run around with Meja and she liked mommy quite a lot. Mommy used to play a game where she'd hold Misty's snout. I didn't think it was so funny but mommy used to laugh and laugh. We will miss you Ms. Misty.

It was snowing earlier here's a picture of our butts.

I personally am not a fan of this snow stuff. Especially when it gets between my toe toes.

And finally here's a picture of me and Justin. There are very few pictures of us together because Meja was up his butt most of the time he was here.

I think I may have been licking my lips cause Justin used to sneak foodies to us. I miss him.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bully sticks

Bobo and Meja got their first bully sticks yesterday. I had no idea of such things. And at $6.99 per they'll probably not get them often but Oh.My.God they love love love them. Here are a couple pics:

Bobo says 'What chu lookin at?'

He had just had his eyes tucked and they'd put pink stitches in, the nerve!

And here's a picture of my love Jerry Sweet, the pups Papi.

As you all can see I'm not a photographer. And I no nothing of Photoshop or any other software that tweaks pictures. So what you see is what you get. And did anyone know that photographing black Sharpei is difficult?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure

These were the Christmooses or is that Christmice?

Please do not bother Bobo right now. He has a hangover...

The princess will see you after her nap

He's not fat he's fluffy

Meja finally gets hers

I got home from the Doctor today and Meja is kindof mopey and acting funny. I know her so well so I go to her and say 'what's wrong baby girl' and pat around and she's got a bity bity cut on her leg.

The only thing I can think is she and Bobo were playing and he finally had had enough and bit her back! I had to admonish him of course but secretly I'm thinking 'way to go big boy!'

He is the meekest mildest lovingest Sharpei you will ever meet in your life. Meja, not so much. And for him to do this she must have been bugging the ever lovin shit outa him.

The Dynamics of these dogs are so unusual. Bobo knows no stranger. He loves everyone. He's a lovah not a fightah. Meja loves me that's it. Woe unto you to come into the house without a specific invite from me. There'll be 35lbs of gorilla all up on ya. Bobo would lick you to death and look at Meja like 'shut the heck up you'll scare off my new friend.'

Bobo doesn't like any other dog, Meja likes most other dogs. They came from the same litter, raised in the same home with the same mommy and Papi. Weird...

Bobo 1 - Meja 3,000,0001

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Honestly by Meja

Dozer the beautiful Pit Bull sent this to us and here's my ten:

1) I don't like people. Except mommy. I LOVE mommy. I used to be a Papi's girl but he's not here anymore. Where you at Papi?

2) I like to tap mommy with my paw so she will rub me. I will do this all day long if mommy doesn't make me stop. Twenty four/seven would work for me.

3) I love to play with Bobo. But sometimes he's too fast so I bite him.

4) Bobo is SO biteable. This makes mommy yell at me so I have to do it so she doesn't see me. (except then mommy gets the ointment out and looks at me and I say 'what?')

5) I'm a petite flower. I weigh 35lbs. As opposed to my big fat brother. Who also has a big fat head.

6) I like to play with the neighbor doggies. I chase them away and growl but I really like to play with them.

7) I love my kong balls too. I however love the breath stuffing. Possibly cause my breath is so delightful ;)

8) I love to go walkies too. I love to go in to pucker bushes though. And mommy has to keep saying 'Meja come out of there'. "Why mommy, why?" There's so many good smellies. But mommy says there's briar's, whatever that is. Who cares, smellies!!!

9) I went to Colorado two winters ago and got kicked in the head by a horse. My head had to be wired back together. Mommy says she will write this horrific story for everyone someday. (I thought it was a big doggie, not so much...)

10) I am a verry good especially good really good girl

Friday, February 20, 2009


Our friend Dozer the beautiful Pit Bull gave us this meme about being honest. You have to list 10 things about you and you have to be honest (jeez). Ok here goes:

From Bobo:

1) I love people. Short people, long people, big people, well you get the picture.

2) I'm a scaredy cat. Well I'm a dog but I'm scared of my shadow, I'm scared of Meja's shadow, I'm scared of mommy's shadow. Mommy's belly just growled while she was typing this for me and I jumped cause it scared me.

3) I love my foodies! I weigh almost 70 lbs cause I love it so much. Meja and I eat California Natural Lamb and Rice and it's so good.

4) I love treats too. Seventy lbs - nuff said.

5) I only like to play with Meja. The other dogs in the neighborhood I don't like so much.

6) I love to go on walkies in what mommy calls the back 40. It's miles and miles of trails and I always come back to see where mommy is cause she's so slow.

7) I love my Kong ball. My mommy puts stuffing in it. I don't like the breath stuffing anymore but I sure do like the peanut butter one.

8) I have short black hair and it gets all over the couch. Mommy says quit doing that but what am I supposed to quit. Quit being a dog, quit shedding, quit what mommy?

9) I used to kill my babies but I stopped doing that. Now I just chase them. Mommy thinks it's cause I'm not a real puppy anymore. Huh?

10) And finally I am a really very good super good extraordinarily good dog.

Meja to be continued. (this oughta be good!!!)

We're baaaaaacccck

Seriously not having a computer sucks. And typing with an iPhone trypil sucks! What with the no keys and everything ;) So what have we been doing?


I've been tired. Pups have been playing with babies. Pups have been wanting to go walkies but it's been really cold here so no walkies for mommy. Maybe this weekend. I wish I didn't live in BFE I'd get a doggie walker/player. Oh well, the price...

The puppies have been awarded several memes that I will try to get to today so stay tuned with bated breath for that, I know you will.

So actual Kong stuffing - yes or no? Peanut Butter/Squeeze Cheese in the Kong - yes or no?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dead Computer

My laptop died. A loaner is on the way from work so I'm typing this from my iPhone. What a pain in the ass.

Just didn't want my reader to think I'd left forever ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

We aren't in Kansas anymore Toto

So the pups and I moved from a relatively urban area of Florida to a rural area of Michigan. OK good, people are people right? With the internets and all people are people. Well seems not so much...

I was getting the detritus out of my totalled car the other day and my iPhone rang. I answered it and the car guy, I swear to God, said "is that one of them iPhones?". In my head I heard 'one of them thare iPhones' but still. It's like they still have the great big ole mobile phones in the bags!

THEN: I was at the party store (code for liquor store in Michigan) today and a fellow walked in behind me in head to toe camouflage. No big right? But... the police walked in right behind him, asked him to put his '40' down and come outside. After a couple minutes they came back in and the police asked if anyone else had been in in the last THREE minutes in camo??? Seems there was a camo burglar on the loose!

Mayhaps I should find a different neighborhood?