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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Puppies are now actually puppies!

Thanks for playing 'what should Pam do'. I took your advice, and my own, and said the dogs were puppies. Totally flew, literally and figuratively. So now the dogs that everyone has always called 'the puppies' or 'the pups' can say they ARE pups, the airline said so.

Good Thanksgiving was had by all. I hope yours was good too. I left Colorado feeling good about the boys mental health. I guess as good as you can when you live 2000 miles away and can't tell over the phone. But I'm glad I went.

The pups were mildly pissed off about the whole thing. They loved the attention and Bobo with his graying flanks was all 'yeah I'm a puppy what of it??'. Meja was all 'yes I'm a baby girl', and she is.

So all is well in Sweetville.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Glad the boy is doing better and agree 2,000 miles from sons sucks. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving..we did, too...hectic..but good.