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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Wehthar Macheen is responsible...

I have it on good authority that a wehthar macheen has been built and is responsible for this bad weather. There's 'trouble' a brewin... I'm very afraid because I've heard this is the worse winter Michigan has had in years and I thought it was because I moved here.

Whew... not my fault. Might be 'trouble'.

Stay tuned for further weather reports...

Also I will have a post soon about how we now live in 'hickville usa', I'm not even kidding, with 'them thare's' and everything... (hint: my iPhone was a MAJOR topic of discussion!!)

Friday, January 30, 2009

There is so much snow here...

We have about 18 inches of snow and more expected tonight and tomorrow. I'm sick of it but more importantly the puppies are sick of it. Usually they'll try to play a little when we walk. But now we have so much snow the only place to walk is the driveway. Back and forth and around and around. Booooorrrrring...

Yesterday Alfie escaped and came over to play. Usually Meja will run with her no matter what. But yesterday she was all 'ahh no thanks Alfie I'm going in the warm house. good luck finding someone to play with in this crap.' Bobo doesn't ever really feel like running. He's more of a sniffer and watcher. He's a lovah not a fightah, Meja is the opposite.

I know a lot of you are buried under ice and I surely don't wish for that. What I wish for is March 24 when I'm going to Florida!!!

I talked to Justin who lives up the mountain from Denver. There is no snow on the ground there and the temp was 45-50 today! WTF! Has the earth spun off its axis? What up?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interview with Bobo

Q. Well Hello Bobo how are you this fine frosty day?
A. Mommy I'm cold, did you see the snow out there? It's past my butt bob and you know what that means.

Q. I do indeed Bobo and I'm sorry. If Papi were here he'd shovel you a potty place. But he's not and you're stuck with mommy. You are in fact a dog Bobo, go find your own place to do your business.
A. I get it mommy but I don't like it when the snow's higher than my butt. A dogs life, woe.

Q. Enough potty talk Bobo. Tell me something about yourself.
A. Well I am a beautiful black Sharpei and I'm almost 6 years old. Everyone calls Meja and I 'The Puppies' cause we've been around so long.

Q. When did you arrive at the Sweet abode?
A. It's a funny story. You, mommy, gotted us in Florida and we had to fly to you and Papi in Michigan. We were just about 8 weeks old. You had the lady what borned us buy the biggest kennel cause you knew we'd grow. So she shipped us up to Michigan and you and Papi picked us up in Detroit. This is where the story gets SO funny.

Q. No need to go on Bobo the kind people don't need to know of my embarrassment...
A. No no no I gots to tell this one mommy. So we get to Detroit and you and Papi finally find us and they wheel us out in the gigantuan crate and you can't wait to meet us. So you ran to the crate and got almost in it with us cause we were scared and at the back. Imagine what we saw? This big headed blond woman screaming oh mah babies oh mah babies... The funny part though: Mommy if I may be so indiscreet - you weighed 200lbs at the time and got stuck in the door of the crate! Papi was behind you laughing so hard I think he pee peed his pants. After he dismantled you from the crate we all went home.

Q. Thanks for telling that story Bobo, next time I'm interviewing Meja - she's my good girl.
A. You're welcome mommy, anytime.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who's Jerry Sweet Sucks

Well I'll tell ya...

I met Jerry Sweet in 1993 on his 50th birthday. He was a bartender at the favorite watering hole and I happened there because my two sisters lived in the town. They had a BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN stripper for him and if you knew him you'd know he was mortified.

He was this big burly fellow, tattooed, biker sort. But a big bear of a sort of smushy guy. I fell head over heals. Me the computer geek with this biker lovey muffin.

I moved from Kentucky and shortly Jerry and I were living together. In a trailer. I know I know all the trailer trash jokes. But I was the happiest girly in the whole born world. We lived in that trailer for 4 years. Some of the happiest of my life.

When Jerry's mom and dad died we bought the house he'd been raised in. Basically renovating it from bare walls. (there were 21 layers of wallpaper on the living/dining room walls!) And we lived happily there till the son of a bitch died. Damn Jerry Sweet and his suckiness.

But those 12 years, oh God those 12 years, we pored more memory making in those years than most ever have.

Jerry was from a lower middle class family, I am from a family where my parents died when I was 8 (father), 12 (mother), so not only lower middle class but let's say no class. But I made something of myself and so did he. Really he was probably born with that 'something'. That good, kind, gentle goodness. Anyway he was IT for me and I him I think.

I made pretty good money so we took road trips and ventured about Michigan and were all about each other. Which makes it so hard now I suppose because he's not here and the memories are starting to fade. Now you're making me cry, damned blog.

I'll write more about 'who Jerry Sweet Sucks' is later. Thanks for reading.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Soldier's angels

Wow two posts in one day. I'm rolling folks.

I became involved in an organization just before Christmas that I wanted to let people know about. It's called Soldier's Angels. They match soldier's that have no one to correspond with to those that volunteer. You can write letter's, send care packages, etc. Just let our men and women know we love them, are thinking of them and support them. No matter your opinion of this war our soldiers need the small comforts we can offer.

So I contacted and was matched up with a soldier. My guy is Kelvin. I've sent care packages and written letters. Just knowing I'm brightening the life of one of these brave men has lifted me.

Once you're matched with a soldier you can purchase your own care items and send them personally or go to and they have prepackaged packs they'll send for no shipping costs (they pick out things they know the soldiers need). And today I was able to send Kelvin a Valentines Day package that was $29.00 but a coupon code (angels15) got me $15.00 off. So I sent him a boatload of stuff for $14.00.

Please, if you can, do this little thing for them. They deserve it. And you'll feel good too.


Out of the house today, yippee

We have not been out of the house for a week! I started a new treatment last Friday and it kicked my ass. And I mean that literally and figuratively. And it's been so cold the pups were happy to go out to do their business and scamper right back in. Excepting the occasional Bobo broken toe toe act with the snow globs in his paws. Then he had to be helped. Pussy!

So anyway the larder was stocked, I had plenty of reading material, my little fireplace lit at all times, it's been cozy. But now we're all going bat shit crazy. I've a circle around the kitchen to dining to living room and the dogs have been wearing a path in their efforts to play and chase. Just makes me dizzy.

I'm hoping to get something to help the nausea today so I can start walking them a little at least every day. They deserve that. Lifesavers and all. Their plight is hard but they do it proudly. I love them very long time...

So we shall venture out today. The temp was 32 F yesterday so the feets of snow kind of melted off my car. I think I can dig it the rest of the way. And then we shall go to Target. Such lofty goals! We'll see if the pups will get in the car with me ;) Last time Meja said 'thanks no, you so crazy momma'.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Odd things going on

There are some odd things going on in my house. I have a blankie and Meja has a blankie. Well all of a sudden my blankie has a hole in it and I didn't put it there. So... it was either mommy or Meja. Since Meja has been know to bites stuff, me, I thinking her. But mommy says 'Oh Bobo why did you put a hole in your blankie?' and I say 'I didn't do it'. And I get in trouble.

The good news is Meja isn't biting me so much anymore. She's kind of feeling dubbers because of the snow and cold mommy says. But hey, I'm not a fan either but it's warm in the house, let's play!

From Bobo the Sharpei puppy

In another note: Has anyone had any experience good or bad with booties for dogs. The puppies are really having trouble with the snow globs and I didn't want to put out the money if they won't stay on. thanks

Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm afraid I has it. I've so much to say and so little not brains because I've got some of those, but wit I guess best describes what I'm lacking. And not witty wit, the funny kind, just wits about me.

God I depress myself sometimes!

Something cool: The top edge of Bobo's ears is the softest substance in the whole born world. It's like cotton, but softer, velvet, but softer. You have to feel it to know. And Meja does not have it. I try to be fair to the pups you know, when one gets something the other gets something, when one gets a compliment the other gets one. But Meja's ears aren't soft. She is what's called a bear coat Sharpei, prickly, Bobo is a horse coat, soft. Life, that's just the way it is...

It's cold in Michigan and Bobo and Meja do not like the cold. Yesterday Bobo was at the back of the yard probably 100 yards away and would not come when called. He was holding his paw up and acted like it was broken. So me, in my Mom to the Rescue mode got fully dressed, Sorels, parka, scarf, gloves, and went to find out the problem. HE HAD A LITTLE SNOW GLOB IN HIS PAW!!! He could not walk the rest of the way into the house because his toe toe hurt. After I kicked him in his head and picked the snow glob out of his paw he was fine.

All is well in Sweetville.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So just let me tell ya...

Here are some things about me. I've not been tagged with any meme or anything I'm just self-absorbed and think you should know.

1. I'm 52 years old. How the fuck did that happen. I feel like 25. Where'd those extra 27 years come from?

2. My parents died when I was 8 and 12 respectively. Sucks to be me. Maybe that's why Jerry Sweet Sucks so much, I suck too.

3. I'm a computer consultant for a product called PeopleSoft. It causes me to have to travel Sunday through Thursday and that sucks. (anyone notice the thread of suckiness going on here?)

4. I've been on short term disability for 6 months because I have cancer. Another sucky sucky suck suck.

5. My dogs have saved my life. Bobo literally straddled me during the throes of my most desperate grief over Jerry. I was sitting on the couch crying for the millionth time that day and he got up on me and straddled me. He didn't sit he just straddled. I pored out my troubles and cried and cried and he just stayed there. The dog saved my life. They just know. (little beasties they are)

6. I'm getting better. This Christmas wasn't so hard. I actually decorated. I love Christmas and all the hope and possibilities it brings. But haven't felt it, you know? But this year with the move and the new house I felt the stirrings of hope so I decorated. I liked it.

7. I love my little house. I'm going to put a back deck on it in the spring and then it's perfect. Going from 2500 sq ft to 650 you'd have thought it would have taken some getting used to. But I'm more comfortable here. Maybe it's because I hated Florida. I don't know. But I love my home and I love being back in Michigan.

That's all you can possibly handle for now. ktxbai

Post from Bobo

There is something very strange going on around here. Usually when Meja and I play chase I am faster so she tries to slow me down by biting at my loose skin. As I said I am faster so she only catches me when I'm tired (yeah that's it). Then mommy yells at her and that makes me happy, but then mommy gets the peroxide out and that doesn't make me so happy.

But lately Meja has been biting at me for no reason, swear to God. I'll just be walking along and BITE! Does anyone out there know a reason Meja may be in this 'must bite Bobo more' mood? If so is there an antidote?

Thank you for your attention to this matter cause, ouchie...

Bobo the Sharpei puppy

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Freezing rain and I have somewhere to go

Ok so it's freezing raining here in Michigan and I finally have somewhere to go! My niece and I have a date for the pups and I to go to her house and play word games all day today then her daughter goes back to school tomorrow and Flower (niece) and I were going to have a 'girl's day' tomorrow. Well... the freezing rain.

I got in an accident a while back and the dogs were with me. It was pretty traumatic, car was totalled but we were all perfectly unscathed. Except it seems Bobo's psyche. He's now scared to death in the car but still loves loves loves to go bye bye. A conundrum to be sure.

AND the last time we went to Flower's house we were in the back of a 60 some car pile up on the icy highway we have to take to get to her house. We had to wait over an hour for the mess to be cleared. During this looooooong wait Bobo was in the back of the car shivering. Poor baby I know. I've been taking them on short rides trying to get him more comfortable in the new car and it's been pretty successful. Yesterday we went to the store and he didn't shiver at all.

Now the quandary for today. I really want to go have fun at Flower's house but I'm not going out in the freezing rain with the dogs, too traumatic. She doesn't have a car so she can't come to my house. Should I brave it and just go for the day and leave the dogs.

Noper. Can't risk the mommy getting in another accident and leaving the puppies. There'll be another fun day at Flowers.

Michigan winters blow!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A snoring puppy

Have you ever tried to read with a snoring Sharpei right next to you? No? well it's fairly impossible. Bobo is sleeping and snoring so loud I keep looking over to make sure he's ok. Meja is asleep right next to him and she's not snoring and she has the more pushed in nose. She should be the one snoring but that would not be too lady like and God knows the Meja is a Lady.

Happy New Year to one and all. Especially the puppies that view this little blog...

Resolutions from Meja

Hello everyone. I've not written before on this blog because my mommy won't let me on the computer. She says I slobber. Whatever mommy...

Here are my New Year's Resolutions:

1. Bite Bobo (actually this could be 1 through 100 cause he's so biteable)
2. Convince mommy I should be able to walk around wherever I want to go (there's lots of places I don't get to go cause mommy makes me stay with her)
3. Take Bobo's black doggie. (I'm a black doggie too so I should have a black doggie)
4. Try to get treats first (why does Bobo always get the first treat) (editors note: Bobo gets first treats cause he's the supposed dominant dog, yeah hah)
5. Play play play. Oh golly I love to play.
6. Make Alfie my next dog neighbor bust out more often so we can play.
7. Keep hitting mommy so she rubs me all the time 24 hours a day.
8. Send love and good wishes to all my friends for a great New Year!!!