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Friday, October 31, 2008

How to decide what to write

So I'm new at this blogging thing. I journal a lot on paper but love to write via typing. The words come smoother out of my fingers for some reason. So for this blog I'm going to do a stream of consiousness type thingy. Wanna hear it here it goes:

These two dogs are nuts! Bobo is a big boy - 65ish lbs. Meja is his little sister - 35lbs. When they came to us at 8 weeks old, via airplane from Florida, she had bright pink stitches on both eyes and stitches on her lip. The dogs are blue SharPei, but really look black. So I got this little baby girl out of the cage they'd shipped her in and She.Looks.Like Frankenstein! Pink stitches all over this beautiful little face. My sweet little baby that I'd been pining for and she's a freak. My shock was immediate and pierced my heart. The breeder had not deigned to tell me of these surgeries. I guess fearing my $1000.00 check would have bounce bounce bounced all over fucking Florida. She was probably right by the way!

But clever woman that she was she knew that once I saw her I'd love her. And I do, I do. But here's the thing. Meja had 6 brothers and she was the runt. They picked on her mercilessly. Thereby the stitches in her lip. They'd ripped her! The eyes were because they had to be tucked (a normal thing for SharPei but breeder bitch should have warned me!) So long story short Meja was terrorized by these bad brothers in her very young days. And now? now? she is the dominant bitch of the world.

And poor Bobo is paying a dear price. He's the sweetest, most mellow dog in the world. He's like a hippie from the 60's that's been on a pot high for 40 years. Also he's got very thin skin, literally. And... he's bigger and faster than Meja. So to slow him down she bites him. I mean she puts her teeth on his person and when he keeps going - RIP! My darling Bobo with the sweetest disposition in the whole born world has had stitches about 15 times because of this bitch that's been pissed for 5 years because of what her brothers did to her when she was 8 weeks old!!! Talk about holding a grudge.

I've pictures of the two turds that I'll post when I figure out how.

Friday, October 24, 2008

How to get your head out of your butt

Ok so I just realized I've had my head squarely up my ass for I guess 9 days.

In my real life I work with computers so I should have a clue right? Turns out not so much. I won something on someone's blog and when I went to the link under my name it directed me here! WTF - I really had no idea. I was just writing whenever I thought my head would explode. Then come to find out I had 3 comments. And someone even said thanks for what I wrote. I can't even voice what that felt like.

So long story short, the secret to removing your head from your ass - discover people have left comments on your (can I even call this a blog) page, remove said head from ass, dust it off (and wash it up a bit), throw a little paint on it then smile for the camera. Because all of a sudden you feel good. Wow sorta new again but cool.

Now I'm off to discover how all this blog stuff works, because once again I had no idea. (can you even spell check this stuff? if so I didn't so sorry)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Explaining the tag line

Jerry Sweet Sucks! I loved him more than anything in the whole wide world. And he died. And that sucks. I wish for so much. To have him back, to hold him close again, to smell his deliciousness again... And it sucks that I will never. And that sucks and so does Jerry Sweet!