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Sunday, November 23, 2008

have you ever

Have you ever said or thought something so horrible on the phone that you have to physically throw the phone after it's said? It's been happening to me a lot lately. I wonder if maybe the antidepressants aren't working?

So I'm back home having assured Justin is ok for now. Trying to find a solution to fly back with the dogs. With all my miles I can get me there, no problem. Dogs an entirely different story. I was talking quite candidly with a rep from Frontier airlines. She said the dogs could go in the same crate if they were <> 6 months old. To which I said 'ok, if I lie and say they are what are the consequences?', obviously I'm desperate here cause I'm willing to forget my morals so these dogs can fly together. She said 'well they probably don't look like puppies do they?', to which I said 'well kindof'. You see to me and those that know these dogs they've always been 'the puppies'. And they get away with it because they're cute and wrinkly and could really pass for big puppies.

So my question to you internets is 'should I lie and say they're < 6 months old because I know they'll pass and it won't traumatize them, or just bite it and let them fly separately? If you aren't a 'DOG PERSON' you won't even understand the question.

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happypitbull said...

Lie! Your dogs' feelings are more important than some wacky airline rule. But, uh... you didn't hear this from me.

Andrew Scott Turner said...

Lie! Screw the airline