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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last night he said I'm going to kill myself

Mother Fucker said to me 'I'm gonna kill myself Mom'!!! What the fuckin fuck? How do those words come out of your mouth. No matter. I immediately went into Mommy mode and said 'How the Heck (the boys aren't allowed to swear around me nor I them) can you possibly say that to your mother' To which he said 'I really don't want to live anymore mom'. To which I said 'don't say that Justin!!!' 'Ok I mean it's ok to say it, but only if you mean it, and then 'you really don't mean it right' and then my head exploded.

And then I called his dad and said go get that boy immediately.

And then I finally got a hold of said boy and papi didn't call hime at all...

Mommy's getting on a plane tonight. Fuck papi.


Andrew Scott Turner said...

I'd like to "follow" your blog, but cannot. you don't seem to have added that functionality, so to speak. (maybe I missed where I can be added?) Either way, the "Never be afraid to say what you feel" motto is awesome! If only people weren't so fucking uptight about language...

Anyway, keep bloggin!

Andrew Scott Turner said...

Log in to your blog.
View your own blog when logged in. In the upper right-hand corner, click on "Customize".
Choose the tab "Layout" and you will see "Add a Gadget"
In there is Followers.