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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

hewwo??? anybody out there???

Hey friends! Whatchadoin? Me, enjoyin the leaves fallin and chasin em. Big Game! cause they keep fallin! Like leaf rain... I am easily amused as you can see. I've had to cause Mommy's been sickies again. Oooooh poor Mommy... Your fingers aren't broke are they lady? No! Annnnnnnyways we've not been doin much. Oh Oh Oh I forgot we don't get no foods, we don't gets no treats, we are wasting away oh yes we are.....
(note from Mommy - while walks are sparse they are indeed still getting fed! Bobo you butthead!)

More from Mommy- Thanks my dear friends for checking in. I'm ok and be assured the puppies are ok! :)  I've been kinda under the weather and back and forth to the hospital but am hanging in.  I try to keep up on all your blogs but sometimes the 'mark all as read' button is used.  I'm home now and will update more often.-- pam