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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mommy wishes to say ...

Mommy want you all to know she loves you. She's gettin back some strength and will post more often here in a minute.  Just bewares, when mommy say 'here in a minute' that could be a minute or 348450564398 minutes, old girl doesn't tell time very well.

Here's what we've been doin cause it's hot here:

Not so much of this cause it's hot here!

And we just wanted to show you that mommy seems to have forgotten how to apply her slippers to her feets

Monday, August 9, 2010

Here we are, did ya knoweded we were gone?

We have been MIA. That's Mommy Is Anotwritinsomuch... Mommy's been under the weathervane er puny sickle pop er well she's just been not on the puter so I, Bobo, finally had to take netbook in hand er paw and get you all caught up.

1) Mommy has been beating cancer with a stick but sometimes the darn cancer brings and bigger stick then mommy had to go find a bigger stick and so on and so on (it's exhausting keeping up with sticks I tell you})
2) Bobo and Meja missin mommy
3) Grands to play with

We've got lots o stuff to post, reviews, free stuffs man, and just lots. So we will soon to be back. Much lovey much!