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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Da Name Game

We are playing a game with Frankie Furter where today you tell the story of how you gots yer name.  We are gonna let mommy tell the stories so take it away P P Nugget (a.k.a. our best mommy):

You know we got the babies when they were just 8 weeks old.  Having been litter mates they had personalities forming for sure already.  Still we waited and watched them.  And soon Bobo was definitely Bobo and Meja was definitely Meja and they could not be anyone else.

In Michigan when we (Jerry and I) grew up there was a famous black Big Time wrestler named Bobo Brazil.  After retirement in a rural town near here he had to fight with his image as a Bad Ass because he was really a gentle giant.  After watching Bobo the Shar Pei for awhile we just kept coming back to Bobo.  He IS Bobo.  He swaggers. he's tough, he's Bad Ass looking but while he won't shy away from a fight with his little sister, he's a lovah not a fightah.  I hope Bobo Brazil would be proud.

And Miss Meja was a delicate princess from the get go.  To her Papi!!!  To him she was his baby princess.  Even though when we picked her up she had stitches in her lip from a fight with her brothers.  She's a sneaky Bad Ass.  Her 'paper' name is Meja Caliente (fiery baby girl).  But she's the most loving sweet thing you'll ever know.  Unless you're Bobo!!!

You know if you've read this blog for long that these puppies are my heart.  And truthfully their names were somehow spoken to us, an other worldy thing really.  They were meant to be ours and we were meant to be theirs.