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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Warmth brings rain

Oh come on... I asked for some warmth for relief from this winter of hell and what did I get? Rain! It's been raining for three days. And the delicate flowers, Bobo and Meja DO NOT like to get their persons wet. So potty breaks have been exciting and almost non existent. Relief will come relief will come relief will come.

There's nothing like spring, summer and fall in Michigan. It's really a glorious wonderland. It's just taking a damn long time getting here.

I'm feeling better and looking forward to walkies with the pups again. I'll do a post on healthy Pam soon.

When we lived in Florida I lived with my sister and her boyfriend (also Meja's boyfriend!). The puppies love love love Chris and Ron. If anything were to happen to me plans are in place for them to come for the pups. My heart always breaks when I hear stories about dogs that are left behind when their people go to heaven. So please not to worry.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Someday I'm going to tell a story about Dennis that involves this very topic. On his two-year anniversary with us, I think.

happypitbull said...

Well in our case, cold brings rain... We were dealing with record highs (90s) and sun for the last week. Now according to the weather, we're getting a cold front on Wednesday that will drop us into the 50s and bring tons of rain. Gah! I just put away our sweaters for the year!

Anonymous said...

The thing I worry about the most is who will take care of my dogs if something were to happen to me. A Pit Bull a geriatric terrier who requires meds several times a day and weekly acupuncture and massage for arthritis and a chiwawa mix who likes to bark and stir things up.

Heather said...

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