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Friday, March 27, 2009

The best diet ever

For three days my doctor has put me on the best diet ever.


I am not kidding.

I have to take some sort of 2 hour glucose tolerance test on Monday and this weekend I can eat carbs, delicious carbs.

Dinner last night - pizza
Breakfast this morning - pizza

Oh.My.God I'd forgotten how much I love pizza. But what I really love is the crust. (pam doing the happy carb dance...)

I've been off simple carbs pretty much because I need all the energy I can get and 20 minutes after a carb meal I feel like crap. But not today baby. Oh no. I'm eatin em every 20 minutes so the let down doesn't happen. Oh yes I am.

I stopped at the store yesterday with a list and bought bread, cereal, carbs, carbs and yes carbs.

I will feel like a slug come Monday morning.

Question of the day:

You know at those pizza stores they sell that bread with butter and garlic and cut it into squares. My pizza store also sells little containers of cheese sauce with which to dip said bread. Herein lies the problem. How to get the two inch bread into the 1 1/2 inch cheese container.

(hint: it involves nibbling corners of bread)


Mango said...

The pizza diet? Sign me up!


happypitbull said...

GO CARBS!!! Woo!! I love carbs.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Finally, a diet I can get behind!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I want to be on that diet. But I would be eating pasta, not pizza!