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Monday, March 23, 2009

Brilliant new way to get the dogs to come

I have discovered the cure for cancer!

No not really but something almost as good. I've discovered a way to get Bobo and Meja to come back to the house when they've trolloped after Alfie or a leaf or whatever has moved them to beat it and not come when I call.

Apparently I am a very loud sneezer. Apparent to Bobo and Meja anyway. Whenever I sneeze they come immediately into whatever room I'm in usually with very concerned expressions on their faces.

Well this morning I let them outside out back and then went to take care of my own business (ya know). This is our normal routine. I leave the door open and they make their way back in the house. But not this morning. I get to the back door and no Bobo or Meja anywhere in site. This is very odd because Bobo NEVER wanders off. Scaredy cat remember.

Well it seems as though the bad sister had led him astray. I call and call and call some more. No dogs. Then the light bulb goes off. I fake sneezed. Then I see those crazy puppies at the very back of the yard across the pond running like mad toward the house. Probably a 1/4 mile away.

All I could think of after the pat on my back and a 'you're brilliant' was 'it's a good thing for you dogs this worked because if I'd had to get dressed and come after you, well I'd a...'

There're two morals to this story:

It seems as though spring has sprung up with some yummy scents and I'm gonna have to be more careful watching the pups.

I wonder if Guiness has a Loudest Sneeze category?


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Next, you have to train them to bring you a tissue!

Anonymous said...

AAAChhooo! bless you :)

Mango said...

Dennis has the right idea here. I am concerned that the pups have tricked you into foolishness. I can just hear them now, "check it out, let's run away like mad and make momma backfire"

My dogs have trained me so well that I don't even know I am acting, well, odd, until somebody points it out.

Mango Momma

happypitbull said...

You would win the contest for strangest dog recall command ever! :D

Elaine King said...

You would win the contest for strangest dog recall command ever! :D