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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interview with Bobo

Q. Well Hello Bobo how are you this fine frosty day?
A. Mommy I'm cold, did you see the snow out there? It's past my butt bob and you know what that means.

Q. I do indeed Bobo and I'm sorry. If Papi were here he'd shovel you a potty place. But he's not and you're stuck with mommy. You are in fact a dog Bobo, go find your own place to do your business.
A. I get it mommy but I don't like it when the snow's higher than my butt. A dogs life, woe.

Q. Enough potty talk Bobo. Tell me something about yourself.
A. Well I am a beautiful black Sharpei and I'm almost 6 years old. Everyone calls Meja and I 'The Puppies' cause we've been around so long.

Q. When did you arrive at the Sweet abode?
A. It's a funny story. You, mommy, gotted us in Florida and we had to fly to you and Papi in Michigan. We were just about 8 weeks old. You had the lady what borned us buy the biggest kennel cause you knew we'd grow. So she shipped us up to Michigan and you and Papi picked us up in Detroit. This is where the story gets SO funny.

Q. No need to go on Bobo the kind people don't need to know of my embarrassment...
A. No no no I gots to tell this one mommy. So we get to Detroit and you and Papi finally find us and they wheel us out in the gigantuan crate and you can't wait to meet us. So you ran to the crate and got almost in it with us cause we were scared and at the back. Imagine what we saw? This big headed blond woman screaming oh mah babies oh mah babies... The funny part though: Mommy if I may be so indiscreet - you weighed 200lbs at the time and got stuck in the door of the crate! Papi was behind you laughing so hard I think he pee peed his pants. After he dismantled you from the crate we all went home.

Q. Thanks for telling that story Bobo, next time I'm interviewing Meja - she's my good girl.
A. You're welcome mommy, anytime.


Anonymous said...

Hey BoBo thats a very funny story! Your momma gets stuck! I will be you were glad that she did so she couldnt get in any father and scare you even more!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Dogs ... once they start talking, they just won't stop.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Bobo you should be a talk show host!! That wuz a good story.

Yer pal Dozer