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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Odd things going on

There are some odd things going on in my house. I have a blankie and Meja has a blankie. Well all of a sudden my blankie has a hole in it and I didn't put it there. So... it was either mommy or Meja. Since Meja has been know to bites stuff, me, I thinking her. But mommy says 'Oh Bobo why did you put a hole in your blankie?' and I say 'I didn't do it'. And I get in trouble.

The good news is Meja isn't biting me so much anymore. She's kind of feeling dubbers because of the snow and cold mommy says. But hey, I'm not a fan either but it's warm in the house, let's play!

From Bobo the Sharpei puppy

In another note: Has anyone had any experience good or bad with booties for dogs. The puppies are really having trouble with the snow globs and I didn't want to put out the money if they won't stay on. thanks


Anonymous said...

Oh no Bobo it wuz not you what made that hole in the blankie. I believes you!

Now as to the booties let me tell you Mummy getted me some and they did stay on fer about three seconds until I started running real fast and then they flung off! But then again we does not have snow here we jest have mud and dirt and sticker burrs so mebbe there is some better booties up north that is better fer dawgs in snow. Down here we dont have much bootie selections cause we jest dont need them.

Yer pal Dozer

Dennis the Vizsla said...

We used to try to put snow booties on Tucker when we lived in New York and they would either fly off as soon as he started brain-cramping (running around like a lunatic), or else he would actively shake his paws until they flew off. So they didn't work out so well for us ...