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Thursday, January 8, 2009

So just let me tell ya...

Here are some things about me. I've not been tagged with any meme or anything I'm just self-absorbed and think you should know.

1. I'm 52 years old. How the fuck did that happen. I feel like 25. Where'd those extra 27 years come from?

2. My parents died when I was 8 and 12 respectively. Sucks to be me. Maybe that's why Jerry Sweet Sucks so much, I suck too.

3. I'm a computer consultant for a product called PeopleSoft. It causes me to have to travel Sunday through Thursday and that sucks. (anyone notice the thread of suckiness going on here?)

4. I've been on short term disability for 6 months because I have cancer. Another sucky sucky suck suck.

5. My dogs have saved my life. Bobo literally straddled me during the throes of my most desperate grief over Jerry. I was sitting on the couch crying for the millionth time that day and he got up on me and straddled me. He didn't sit he just straddled. I pored out my troubles and cried and cried and he just stayed there. The dog saved my life. They just know. (little beasties they are)

6. I'm getting better. This Christmas wasn't so hard. I actually decorated. I love Christmas and all the hope and possibilities it brings. But haven't felt it, you know? But this year with the move and the new house I felt the stirrings of hope so I decorated. I liked it.

7. I love my little house. I'm going to put a back deck on it in the spring and then it's perfect. Going from 2500 sq ft to 650 you'd have thought it would have taken some getting used to. But I'm more comfortable here. Maybe it's because I hated Florida. I don't know. But I love my home and I love being back in Michigan.

That's all you can possibly handle for now. ktxbai


Anonymous said...

Sucky Sucky. Sorry. When you go back to work, who takes care of those babies during the week?
Annie... Daisy's mom

Susan said...

What a beautiful post. I dream about retiring one day to my, "jewel box." A perfect, tiny house that fits me perfectly. You rock!!!

SkittleSkattle said...

Thanks for the info. Wow. What stories you must have...