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Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm afraid I has it. I've so much to say and so little not brains because I've got some of those, but wit I guess best describes what I'm lacking. And not witty wit, the funny kind, just wits about me.

God I depress myself sometimes!

Something cool: The top edge of Bobo's ears is the softest substance in the whole born world. It's like cotton, but softer, velvet, but softer. You have to feel it to know. And Meja does not have it. I try to be fair to the pups you know, when one gets something the other gets something, when one gets a compliment the other gets one. But Meja's ears aren't soft. She is what's called a bear coat Sharpei, prickly, Bobo is a horse coat, soft. Life, that's just the way it is...

It's cold in Michigan and Bobo and Meja do not like the cold. Yesterday Bobo was at the back of the yard probably 100 yards away and would not come when called. He was holding his paw up and acted like it was broken. So me, in my Mom to the Rescue mode got fully dressed, Sorels, parka, scarf, gloves, and went to find out the problem. HE HAD A LITTLE SNOW GLOB IN HIS PAW!!! He could not walk the rest of the way into the house because his toe toe hurt. After I kicked him in his head and picked the snow glob out of his paw he was fine.

All is well in Sweetville.


happypitbull said...

I know what you mean: Dozer's ears are bunny-rabbit soft and this gets him all the ear-petting from "Grandma" (and me, of course). Poor Felanie, her ears were cropped by jerky previous owner so who knows if they were soft or not, and Star's ears just aren't that soft either (her fur is too short, it's more slick than soft).

As for the "hating the cold" thing... I totally sympathize. Dozer will not climb icy steps. Ever carried an 85 pound dog up three slippery steps? Well, it's even more embarrassing when the neighbor is laughing at you over the fence. :)

Dennis the Vizsla said...

"Ahhh!! Help!!! The snow is attacking me!!!!"

Canyon Cottage said...

LOL! Silly doggy! Not a snow globe!