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Monday, February 23, 2009

Meja finally gets hers

I got home from the Doctor today and Meja is kindof mopey and acting funny. I know her so well so I go to her and say 'what's wrong baby girl' and pat around and she's got a bity bity cut on her leg.

The only thing I can think is she and Bobo were playing and he finally had had enough and bit her back! I had to admonish him of course but secretly I'm thinking 'way to go big boy!'

He is the meekest mildest lovingest Sharpei you will ever meet in your life. Meja, not so much. And for him to do this she must have been bugging the ever lovin shit outa him.

The Dynamics of these dogs are so unusual. Bobo knows no stranger. He loves everyone. He's a lovah not a fightah. Meja loves me that's it. Woe unto you to come into the house without a specific invite from me. There'll be 35lbs of gorilla all up on ya. Bobo would lick you to death and look at Meja like 'shut the heck up you'll scare off my new friend.'

Bobo doesn't like any other dog, Meja likes most other dogs. They came from the same litter, raised in the same home with the same mommy and Papi. Weird...

Bobo 1 - Meja 3,000,0001