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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Honestly by Meja

Dozer the beautiful Pit Bull sent this to us and here's my ten:

1) I don't like people. Except mommy. I LOVE mommy. I used to be a Papi's girl but he's not here anymore. Where you at Papi?

2) I like to tap mommy with my paw so she will rub me. I will do this all day long if mommy doesn't make me stop. Twenty four/seven would work for me.

3) I love to play with Bobo. But sometimes he's too fast so I bite him.

4) Bobo is SO biteable. This makes mommy yell at me so I have to do it so she doesn't see me. (except then mommy gets the ointment out and looks at me and I say 'what?')

5) I'm a petite flower. I weigh 35lbs. As opposed to my big fat brother. Who also has a big fat head.

6) I like to play with the neighbor doggies. I chase them away and growl but I really like to play with them.

7) I love my kong balls too. I however love the breath stuffing. Possibly cause my breath is so delightful ;)

8) I love to go walkies too. I love to go in to pucker bushes though. And mommy has to keep saying 'Meja come out of there'. "Why mommy, why?" There's so many good smellies. But mommy says there's briar's, whatever that is. Who cares, smellies!!!

9) I went to Colorado two winters ago and got kicked in the head by a horse. My head had to be wired back together. Mommy says she will write this horrific story for everyone someday. (I thought it was a big doggie, not so much...)

10) I am a verry good especially good really good girl


Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello meja its dennis the vizsla dog hay wen sumbuddy is too fast for yoo biting them is the only opshun!!! wel unless yoo hav time to rig up sum sort of snare type trap of korse ha ha ok bye

Anonymous said...

Wow Mejia you really are petite! YOu brother is twice your size! Hey tell you mom to put some pictures up too!

Anonymous said...

Meja you got yer hed squashed by a hoarse?? Wow that is reely hard core! I wuld like to heer that story like why wuz you hanging out with the hoarse?

Yer pal Dozer