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Friday, February 20, 2009


Our friend Dozer the beautiful Pit Bull gave us this meme about being honest. You have to list 10 things about you and you have to be honest (jeez). Ok here goes:

From Bobo:

1) I love people. Short people, long people, big people, well you get the picture.

2) I'm a scaredy cat. Well I'm a dog but I'm scared of my shadow, I'm scared of Meja's shadow, I'm scared of mommy's shadow. Mommy's belly just growled while she was typing this for me and I jumped cause it scared me.

3) I love my foodies! I weigh almost 70 lbs cause I love it so much. Meja and I eat California Natural Lamb and Rice and it's so good.

4) I love treats too. Seventy lbs - nuff said.

5) I only like to play with Meja. The other dogs in the neighborhood I don't like so much.

6) I love to go on walkies in what mommy calls the back 40. It's miles and miles of trails and I always come back to see where mommy is cause she's so slow.

7) I love my Kong ball. My mommy puts stuffing in it. I don't like the breath stuffing anymore but I sure do like the peanut butter one.

8) I have short black hair and it gets all over the couch. Mommy says quit doing that but what am I supposed to quit. Quit being a dog, quit shedding, quit what mommy?

9) I used to kill my babies but I stopped doing that. Now I just chase them. Mommy thinks it's cause I'm not a real puppy anymore. Huh?

10) And finally I am a really very good super good extraordinarily good dog.

Meja to be continued. (this oughta be good!!!)


Anonymous said...

Bobo I am with ya dude. Dont like them other dawgs. Seeriusly who needs em. They might take yer Mummys luv oh noooooes!

Yer pal Dozer

Anonymous said...

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