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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bobo is a Conehead

After reading about Mango's adventure with his brother Dexter, who has to wear a cone because he just got 'tutored,' I remembered a hilarious story about Bobo and 'The Cone.'

He and Meja both got their eyes done at the same time (SharPei are very vain and get cosmetic surgery at a very young age.) They had to have cones of course and Bobo, who is afraid of his shadow and frankly not the sharpest knife in the drawer, would hit the wall and just stand there. With the big end of the cone against the wall. I would have to gently move him away from the wall. I'm convinced he'd still be there if I hadn't moved him!

Well we humans thought this was the funniest thing ever. And truth be told it really was. But in the interest of preserving the big guy's self esteem I had to make us them stop laughing.  But come on! how could you not?

Meja on the other hand was like a stealth rabbit.  Bobbing and weaving whilst running about.  She had things to do, people to irritate.

It's really a joy watching these two and it's amazing the different personalities they have.  You'd think being brother and sister they'd have some similarities. Not.

One thing is clear though, they've a love I've never seen between two animals. There's a bond there that's really indescribable (you know my fears about this.)  But I shall not speak it's name! 

Good and bad could be said of this.  Because they are never more than 10 feet from each other if they decide to chase Guineas at middle of the night o lordy, if I get one to come back I get two. On the other hand if I don't get one I don't get any.

My loves, ohhhhh My loves...


Mango said...

Our Angus and Pi were like that. Totally in love and devoted to each other. I have never had any dogs like that since.

I like the idiot cone head story. Actually Dex had that problem the first day, but now he just charges around which I think only fuels Mango's fears.

Mango Momma

dewdana said...

Hi Bobo! It is very nice to meet you! That is funny about the cone. Both Moose and my former foster Teddy would hit the wall with the cone and decide that the solution was to press on with brute force and jerk their head to make it the cone follow. Most unpleasant for me and my painted walls! I prefer your method for sure!
Thanks for stopping by and yes, dark and handsome big boys (and my you are big for a Pei, no?) gots to stick together!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Dennis doesn't like to be more than ten feet from Tucker or Trixie either!

Frankie Furter said...

I hate to admit this, BUTT I couldn't help myself. I laughed at this one. I have a whole mental image going. Sort of like the old story of the West Virginian who had to wear a tie for the first time. He stood in the same place for 6 hours because... he thought he was teathered. hehehe

The Thundering Herd said...

Chuckling at the cone head story. Have not had that happen, but I think I might have a candidate or two who could have accomplished getting stuck like that.

achieve1dream said...
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Daisy Dog said...

Daisy is really attached too Roscoe in her own wierd way.

Chloe and Libby said...

Don't mind the peoples laughing, they know we'd be laughing too if they had to wear those silly things.

I was wondering if they were littermates. They are both just beautiful!