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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mr. Darcy

Ahhhh Mr. Darcy we hardly knew ye.


Mango said...

We are sad about Mr. Darcy too. What a brave boy he was, but we are also glad that he was able to cross over the bridge with his family near him.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Aww, sorry to hear about this. :-(

Daisy Dog said...


RDX said...
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Martha Basset said...

We came by to say thank you for visiting us. It is very nice to meet you.
We were also very sad t hear about Mr Darcy - he was such a young dog it does not seem right.
We were very moved today by the beautiful tribute video.
He was so much part of family life and loved.
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Life With Dogs said...

He was very much beloved in the blog world. Tragic loss.

sadermaxx said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog, come back any time!
Sadie say " Your wrinkles are so cute."