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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


You know what's great about having black dogs at 3:00 a.m. and it's pitch black in the country?

Those little buggers got me up and insisted they MUST go out RIGHT NOW! So out we went. I of course stayed on the deck, while they meandered all over the effing where.

I'd had enough and do you think I could find them in the dark? Oh nonee nonee no.

So here's me with my shiny red rain boots (which I love by the way) traipsing all over God's creation, at 3 freaking a.m.! I was too tired to go on much of a hunt so went back to the deck crying.

After about 10, yes 10!, minutes here they come like 'Oh what you were waitin up?'

Damn Guinea birds!

Don't you dare shine me puppies!


achieve1dream said...
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The Thundering Herd said...

My experience is that it does not help much if you can see them either.

Chloe and Libby said...

Thank Dog my mommy has a chain link fence that we go in at night time. Otherwise, some of us little boogers as she calls us might run off way far and not come back.

Mango said...

Oh dear, I must admit that I do that too. I sometimes feel the need to be outside in the wee hours and once I do my business, well, there are things to sniff and snuffle and maybe even take a quick nap on the deck and then I hear HBO words. What's up with that?


Scout 'n Freyja said...

Heck, when you gotta go out you gotta go out, ya know?

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Sounds like some dogs need hats with flashing lights on them!

Lois Lane/Laney said...

You stand outside with them? Mom just lets me out in the (fenced-in, since I'm part Beagle) yard. And she stays inside where it's warm till I'm ready to come back in... or she tells me it's time to come back in.

happypitbull said...

I've recently had the opposite problem with Star. She rings the back doorbell to go out, then glances outside and that's it. Seriously, I got out of my chair why??

Martha and Bailey said...

We have had that although Martha has a lot of white so is easier to spot!
It still doesn't help to be out in the garden when you should be in your bed!!!
In fact this might make you feel better. The other night Martha was up at around 4am - we have had fireworks here and she is reluctant to go out at night - dashes out and in without a pee!
So at 4am she had to go out - stood at the door freezing and in she came and promply pee'd on the floor!

Ashlee said...

Sounds like some dogs need hats with flashing lights on them!