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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vacation and oopsies

Mommy dropped the camera in the lake! How will the people admire our beauty mommy? (mommy note: the iPhone pics as soon as I find the cord)

We went to the islands (not really, we went to the lake but there was an island there!!! ha-ha I crack me up - Bobo)

We had to be tied up when there were other doggies around and we are not fans of the tie up! We're not really fans of the lake either but we had a hooge observation deck (Mango you'll be so jealous! and no stairs - ha-ha-ha)

We are glad to be back to our house. Guess what we found in our yard when we returned? Go ahead guess...

Guinea fowl!!! Mommy thought they was turkeys but the neighbors set her straight. It seems our other neighbors kept these things but they got in fights with the other birds and they just let them loose!! Can you imagine? So now they just run around everyones yard being really loud and peckin puppies. We know two puppies they'd better not peck!

Mommy will take a picture of the trap the neighbor has built to catch these beasties. It'll make you laugh out loud.

We have to go sleep now. We have a weeks worth of nappies to catch up on.


Mango said...

Humph! Doesn't sound like much fun what with being tied up and mom throwing the camera in the lake. Do I need and give her a talkin to?

We have a neighbor with those kinds of fowls. They are really dumb, dumb, dumb.


pam said...

Yes please Mango call our mommy and give her a talkin to. She's purty daffy though and may not understand you.


Bobo and Meja

Raising Addie said...

Poor camera!

Can't wait to see the phone pix!

We have lots of those Guinea fowl birds running around our neighborhood. Yeah... we don't understand either but they live here.

We like to chase them!

Chasing my tale...
Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Oh no, your camera sleeps with the fishes! Just like Troy McClure!

pam said...

Dennis are you allowed to watch The Simpsons?

Life With Dogs said...

I just dunked a phone last week. I'm sure I'll take a camera for a swim one day! :)

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Tied up? That's not cool. But then, I'm not allowed off-leash at all except for at the dog park.
Looking forward to the pics!
And yes, I'm a Shar Pei/Beagle mix, so I have all the wrinkles that you guys do, but only the size of a Beagle. Shar Pei head on a Beagle body. No Frankenstein jokes, I get plenty of those at home.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys it's Star! Wow, sounds like a neat vacation, and you came back to a great present!! Birds are so fun to chase!!!!!

Your friend, Star

Daisy Dog said...

Large observation deck? That sounds cool. But the tie up doesn't oh well, I am sure mommy know best, although she did drop the camera in the lake so maybe not.