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Friday, October 24, 2008

How to get your head out of your butt

Ok so I just realized I've had my head squarely up my ass for I guess 9 days.

In my real life I work with computers so I should have a clue right? Turns out not so much. I won something on someone's blog and when I went to the link under my name it directed me here! WTF - I really had no idea. I was just writing whenever I thought my head would explode. Then come to find out I had 3 comments. And someone even said thanks for what I wrote. I can't even voice what that felt like.

So long story short, the secret to removing your head from your ass - discover people have left comments on your (can I even call this a blog) page, remove said head from ass, dust it off (and wash it up a bit), throw a little paint on it then smile for the camera. Because all of a sudden you feel good. Wow sorta new again but cool.

Now I'm off to discover how all this blog stuff works, because once again I had no idea. (can you even spell check this stuff? if so I didn't so sorry)

1 comment:

LaskiGal said...

Hey . . . good luck. I was where you were a year ago (and strangely, I am a techie!). This is just a whole new world to navigate, but once you get the hang of it, it can become an addiction.

I've been through all the stages. I feel like a veteran, but there are people who have been doing it WAY longer and are WAY better at it . . . you'll soon discover.

It is an amazing network of people. Many are becoming my closest friends and we have never, ever met! How crazy is that (and I swear I am not an antisocial hermit in real life (IRL))?

As for your story . . . I have no doubt it is compelling. Don't be afraid to share. You'll be amazed at how many sweet souls will reach out to you . . . with powerful words of support, encouragement or with just an open ear and open heart.

Best to you . . .

(and no, I am not the official blogging welcoming committee--I just stumbled and thought I'd comment). L