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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Warmth come

We are all so tired of this cold and snow. What was I thinking moving back here from Florida? Oh yeah I hated Florida, but it was warm.

The pups have cabin fever too. They've been running around like coo coo heads trying to expend some energy.

Me, I had a transfusion a couple days ago and will be Superwoman soon. We'll get out and do more walkies, everyone will feel better.

Patiently waiting for the walkies to commence!

I've been kind of at a loss lately what to write. Anyone have any questions?

Inquiring Bobo's want to know.


The Oceanside Animals said...

I often wonder what I'm going to post about next ... when this happens I usually think of the most ridiculous thing I could have Dennis (or Trouble) do and then have him (or her) do it.

Anonymous said...

Posting topics are hard sometimes, I usually let a picture dictate the post for Daiys. I suppose a good topic would be, How are you? I worry about your health!

Dexter said...

We have the cabin fever too. Pee-wee just gets what ya call maintenance walkies and I pretty much snooze except when its time to pee or bitey the squirt.


Anonymous said...

I also does not like coldness. But we live in Teksus so it is already like summer here! Hot hot hot today.

Sumtimes when Mummy sez we cannot play outsides then we play insides insted. She throws my toy down the stairs and I bring it back to her at the top and boy does that tire me out real fast! But you gotta watch out fer the rug burns.

Does you have stairs at yer house?

Yer pal Dozer